Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm bowst ta blog my spot all oveah your face.   Life is wonderful and the people that I am with right now are thee most inspirational people I have ever been with in my life.  My heart speaks wonders that my mouth cannot say and my soul wishes to hold the love that I have seen. I thought, and I prayed, and I was afraid, but here with these folks my conceptions are frayed.  The energetic woman that keeps us in line, the beautiful man that reminds me all the time that your voice is your voice and needs to be heard, and the beautiful girl that seems calm in my thoughts, this smooth headed man that has leapt from the depths, and this chick magnet man that is sooooooooooooo much more than that.  This omni present richard pryor that constantly makes my father smile, and the man with the amazing teeth that cooks us a meal, the girl with the voice that has fooled us as subtle,  the man with the spirit to go anywhere and do anything, the man with a soul that makes me wonder, is he really that old, yes, his wisdom is fresh, and the girl that I thought couldn't have THAT much to give.  Then there's the girl sparking love and a smile to boot, even when her shit got erased and couldn't re-boot.  And the girl with the camera reminding us all of our smiles, and the man with the legs that could crush a crocodile.  Then there's the girl who's beauty will always be trying to get out behind her own clothes, and let the world see what she REALLY has to offer, and the boy who wants nothing but to be a boy no more.  The girl with the locks as firery as the smiles on the others she makes laugh, and the man who has inspired, reminded, and satiated souls.  The girl who can sing and make my laugh become tears, and the man who can dance and disciple my fears.  This girl can strike sentences and let a gentile preach "shalom", and this woman has every strength in the world to allow her locks to be home, home to the starving the lost, and misused, yet welcomes outsiders, none will be refused.  Then there's the woman who allows others to be right, and the man who captures moments and fills in the blanks. 

I am in LOVE with my team and hope we can continue this work beyond these conditions for MANY years to come. I cant wait to write again, more eloquently about this distinguished group.
 Team Member 13. 

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