Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day #5 - It's all about the new houses...

Today was the 2nd day with Habitat for Humanity. Between the 24 of us, we worked on 4 different houses on Ferry Place. Yesterday, the team built the entire first floor frame of one house. Today, we built the interior walls and started seeing the beginnings of a HOME. Nate, our Habitat team leader, described to us what we were building...a wall that separated the master bedroom from the living room, the doorways, the kitchen. While some of us were building walls, some team members were high up on ladders and roofs nailing in exterior sheeting to the frames of the houses. By day's end, we had almost completely sheeted an entire house. Here is one of our team leaders, Alli, working on the 2nd story of one of houses.

Alejandro and Mike doing some 2nd story sheeting.


Christina balances on the framing for a roof to get the job done.

Chelsea, Yvonne, Melissa and Ryan worked on the back of the house.

James, Kris, Pippa, LeBaron and I help Nate (Habitat for Humanity) install the wall for the master bedroom.

Jeff, Chelsea, Breeana, Jeremie and James finish one side of a house.

The team worked hard despite sunburns and sore arms from the work they did the day before. The day concluded with a successful day at the Dryades YMCA and a group dinner of good ole Cajun cuisine in the French Quarter. Off to bed.
x/o, Sabrina

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