Sunday, March 1, 2009

1 day down, 6 days to go...too short

So, we've been here one full day.  Surprisingly, we were all pretty cheerful at 4:30 am and were happy to be on the plane at 6:45 am. We made some friends with another college group from Marywood College. They are hoping to try and catch one of our community performances. 

As a reward for being up so early, the group headed to (our now annual New Orleans Team tradition) to Morning Call for beignets and cafe au lait for breakfast. If you're ever down this way, make sure to visit this cozy and friendly place. A helpful hint, don't wear dark clothing. If your luck is like mine, you'll sneeze just as you are ready to take a bite of the powdered sugared coated beignet and poof! Sugar all over you!

The day was not all play. After settling in at the Hands on New Orleans volunteer bunk house and a little sighseeing, the group spent a few hours on Saturday night finalizing lesson plans for the Dryades YMCA after school arts immersion program.  The team also worked on the agendas for the master classes at New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, NOCCA. 

After a very long day of travel, settling in and getting to work, today we are on way to visit the First Street United Methodist Church to meet some of the children we are going to work with during this upcoming week and visit the Lower 9th Ward this afternoon and then more meetings, rehearsals, and lesson planning.  I am really proud of this team and am grateful I get to see them work in this way. They are all anxious to get to work with the children and work on building a home. One day down, six more to go... it just doesn't feel like it's enough time. 
x/o, Sabrina

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  1. Thanks for keeping up the good work. As a former resident of the New Orleans area, and mother of one of the original organizers, this endeavor means so much to everyone involved. So much still needs to be done, not only in the physical sense, but also in the emotional sense. And from personal experience, it is a blessing to have someone continue to take an interest in the total well-being of those who went through Hurricane Katrina. Thanks again, to all of you, for taking your time to give....your heart, hands, and souls.

    Mary Fermin