Friday, March 6, 2009

Day #6 part 1 - Saying Farewell to Habitat for Humanity (for now)...

Today was our last day with Habitat for Humanity. Even though the hammering made our arms sore and the sun gave us all red noses and cheeks, we were sad to end our time with this group of Habitat volunteers on Ferry Place. 

Kris using a table saw.

Andrew is nailing in Tyvek covering.

Ryan hammering in sheeting.

To show appreciation to the Habitat volunteers, the NOLA Team gave a short performance for the other volunteers during the lunch break. After the performance, I was bombarded with compliments and praise for the team from the other volunteers. I realized what a door their performance opened up with the other volunteers and how much "art builds." It immediately added another layer of energy and positive energy to the site. One volunteer from Rochester, NY summer it up about the students, "They have a light within that shines so brightly."

The jazz musicians started of the performance.

The performance continued with the actors reciting a poem written by Jeremie Harris.

Chelsea performed an original dance.

Miran & Yvonne performed a duet.

The Juilliard team with the Habitat staff and additional volunteers in front of house we helped build which will become 1316 Ferry Place. By the time we ended our time with Habitat for Humanity, the team had framed out the entire first floor of a two story home. It was hard physical work but we had a great time and it was so exciting to build a home for a deserving family.  It was really great to connect with other volunteers from around the country and to work with the Habitat staff, Kayleigh, Nate, Adam and the others. I just loved doing this service work and can't wait to volunteer again. x/o, Sabrina

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