Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our 2013 Journey Begins!

Today marked the first meeting of the 2013 ARTreach New Orleans Trip!  This year's team is diverse, dedicated, and excited to get to New Orleans!  In our 7th year of the project, we are all counting down the days until March 2nd - when we embark to NOLA.   This year's team includes 3 drama majors, 6 dancers, 9 instrumentalists,  1 composer, 2 jazz majors, and 1 vocal arts major.  We also have two great returning advisors - Sabrina Tanbara and Rebecca Reuter. The student leaders for this year's trip are Mitchell Lyon, Gia Mongell, and Chelsea Smith.

Meet the 2013 NOLA team!

Paton Ashbrook

Noah Averbach-Katz

Lorrin Brubaker

Leiland Charles

Daniel Ching

Kelsey Connolly

Braxton Cook

Robert Fleitz

Stephanie Galipeau

Ashley Hagler

J.J. Jeter

Molly Joyce

Mitch Lyon

Mariam Machaidze

Gia Mongell

Saïd Pressley

Enrique Sanchez

Maria Semes

Han Shi

Chelsea Smith

Charlotte Steiner

Jacob Wellman

More is soon to come!