Friday, March 6, 2009

Day #6 part 2 - Last class day at the YMCA and performance for HONO.

Today was our last small group/class day with the children from the YMCA after school program.  There were many ups and downs with this part of our service trip but the NOLA Team kicked it in gear and ended the week on an "up." 

 A YMCA student takes a photo of some Juilliard team members and some classmates. 

Mike from the "green" team gave some of the youngsters a short lesson.

The "red" team learned a dance from their kids.

Jamal and the "red" team taught the kids, "Dum Dum Da Da."

The "blue" team taught their students Clapping Music.

James from team "orange" gives a trombone lesson to some energetic musicians.

Yvonne from team "orange" worked on some props and scenery for their group.

Today was also the last night for some of the other volunteers that we are sharing a house with, the Loyola Chicago med students. So, the team produced an informal performance for our new pals at the HONO Volunteer Bunk House.  Bree, Jeff and LeBaron perform an excerpt from "Uno" by Ohad Naharin.

Clint and Virginia perform a scene.

The Juilliard team with the Loyola Chicago med students.

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