Tuesday, March 6, 2012

...........WHO DAT??!!!!!!

After two full days here in New Orleans, we're tired, yet very inspired. Yesterday evening was extremely memorable for the members of the NOLA team. Our performance at the church was a lively mix of different and expressive performances. We were so lucky to have a first official rehearsal of the show and it was a chance for all of us to see each other doing what we do best. Everyone was so pleased with how the show went because it was undoubtedly collaboration at its finest. Afterwards we had a little meet and greet with some patrons at the church, one being the first lady of New Orleans!

Skipping to today, we started the morning off with a tour of the Lower 9th Ward, which was very emotional. Our team took a group photo in front of the levy that had previous been destroyed from Hurricane Katrina. Later on, we had lunch by the Mississippi River. Some of us had our first taste of ALLIGATOR!! GAHHHH, I'M GONNA EAT YOU!! I'M AN ALLIGATOR!!! GAHH!!......"The portions of Jambalaya were SOOO small and I was LIVID!!!!" -Anonymous.......

Anywayssss, the YMCA was a blast and a half. All the teaching groups met with their students today for the first time. A lot of us thought it went much smoother than we planned. The kids were very reserved, but at the same time out of control. However, you could tell that each and every one of them had a sweet soul inside of them. We can't wait to see what we get out of them in the next couple days. Beginning with the group games was TOO much fun. Richard was absolutely hilarious and such a great leader. HE PEELED THAT BANANA!!! The kids also enjoyed FLEA! KOOMALANA KOOMALANA KOOMALANA FEISTAAAAA!!!!!!........O, no no no not the FEISTA!!!

For the rest of the week, we say, BRING IT ONNNNNN!!!!!!!!!<3

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