Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today was day one at the Habitat for Humanity site which meant a 6 am wake up call for the team...earliest start of the trip so far (besides that 2 am departure from Juilliard that turned into an unexpected 14 hr travel day on Saturday -__- )! We spent the day hammering away and putting up sheath to cover walls that were already up. Last year when we finished our time with Habitat we had just put the walls up; so this time around it seemed like we started right where we left off (but with another house of course).  The best part of the day was when Benny and Chernel (homeowners from last year's house) stopped by the work site to say hi and tell us about their time in their new house since they'd moved in (the picture is of returning Project members in front of the finished house). When we stopped by their neighborhood yesterday, they weren't home, but the neighbor told them we had stopped by. So they decided to come visit us today! They openly expressed their gratitude and even remembered some of our names! It's rewarding to see that relationships we've built over our past trips have remained.

After Habitat for Humanity we headed over to the YMCA for day 2 of teaching. It was great to see the kids and have more time with them after a shortened lesson yesterday. The energy of the students was both rejuvenating (especially after a full day of Habitat for humanity) and a challenge! We look forward to more building, teaching and (of course) fun tomorrow!

....also, breakfast for dinner!

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