Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Always Around!!!

At 9AM Sunday morning, we stepped into the phone booth and put on our green, high-powered superman NOLA 2010 T-shirts. Despite the kryptonite mother nature planted in our travel arrangements, we used our super powers and morphed into speeding bullets and made it to our destination.

First stop: Church!

We heard that church services are enhanced by the presence of high-powered supermen and women from The Juilliard School, so we knew that's where we needed to be. Although we were tired, the lingering effects of kryptonite couldn't stop us from sharing our gifts with the church community. We came together, in the way that only superheroes can, and came up with an inspired performance of shakespeare, improvisational and choreographed dance, and of course, stellar singing and musicianship. It seems like the super hero spirits of the past were with us and pumped our veins with looney love and funky fun! As all great superheroes come to expect, things did not go according to plan; they went better then planned!!!!!!!!!! But we're super heroes........ soooo...........duhhhh!!!!

So far we're having a great time soaring through the NOLA sky's and we're actually about to take off now, so we'll get back to you soon. With the blessings of all the superheroes of the past:
To Infinity and Beyond!!!!!

Superman or Woman C
Superman or Woman H

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