Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans:

An Ode to Team 2010

Melissa, you're the truth with your words and design,
But no folk song is finer than those of the fiiiiine Evan Fein.
Pippa Soo, Pippa Soo, a real queen in her own right,
And Robyn, whose violin makes us all take flight.
Yvonne, as classy as the music she plays,
How we all could hear Bro-hoss Rosas sing for days.
Oh, the slip-sliding wonder that is Haylee Nichelle,
And the wit and the charm from our girl Rachelle.
Samora and Kris, the big pianists of our team,
Tickled them ivories like you never seen,
With a little help from the horns (Jeremy, Mel, Mike Cottone)
And your jazz certainly shook us all to the bone:
I thought ya'll blew my mind doin', "St. James Infirmary",
but then came that back-flip from that god David Norsworthy!
Sweet Julia, who learned from her peers how to dance on the fly,
Frankie and Jeremy, took that Rocket-ship to the sky!
Awww! Everyone adores our own Spieth the clown
And smiles abound, when sweet Gillian's around.
Clinty, our star, the teacher who didn't know he had it in him,
And the infectious laughter from our trickster, Kahyun Kim.
Noah Witke, your warm spirit, you always say "yes!",
As reliably cool as LeBaron's a hot mess!
Bree, the Amazon who's a whiz with a buzz-saw,
And Mitch the Mayor, who plays cello like it's the Law.
Danny, your openness in our group was a real light for the kids,
So was that rainbow of a voice on our heavenly Meredith!
Hey Tim? How u doin'? Good day? How's your faith?
Probably as strong as the heart on that lil' Macy-mace!
A shout out to Team Lightning, who always strike twice,
And our injured ol' friend, the lovely Jeff Sykes!
Oh Ginny, we missed thee, you would've been proud,
we missed you as much as Ryan was loud!
Andrew and Candace, always there to help us out,
and Sabrina, year 4, still cryin' her heart out!
Chelsea and Alli, we couldn't have been here without you,
our pillars who challenged us to think, feel, and do.
NOLA 2010, this team really can't be beat,
to share this with y'all was a delicious treat.
So "On To The Next One", 'cuz this trip was heaven!
I can't wait to hear about NOLA 2011!


Love to all!