Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dance Magic Dance

The extremely early morning start of today was surprisingly easy with the energy of such a wonderful mass of people. Although the weather did its' best to discourage such spirit, I think it is safe to say it was quite unsuccessful. With bone chilling cold and dampness accompanied by wind that literally enjoyed tearing Tyvek off the side of the house, we managed to shock the supervisors with our hard-work and patience! The day of construction proved enjoyable as we worked together to show nails and wood who we thought was boss. Remarkably, we had the opportunity to work alongside the future home-owner! Getting to hear about her hard work, plans for the future and appreciation only motivated us further in accomplishing our many varied tasks.

But the day did not end there... mais non non non... we were just getting started!

The next stop was Dryades YMCA. As students filled our gathering room we engaged them in games galore! The willingness and excitement was amazing as it fueled our engines to teach. Students of every age were dancing, playing their instruments, and exploring clowning! The immediate collaboration that happened between teachers and students as well as divisions was remarkable and yet done with total ease.

This proved to be an ideal intro. before breaking off into our smaller teaching groups. After roughly 1.5 hours many of us left our classrooms with stories of success and amazement. We found a unique beauty in each student and were able to speak with them about their artistic interests and tastes from only an hour and a half session! I was quite frankly giddy with excitement after experiencing such openness, curiosity and respect in both the students and the teachers.

At the end of the day, I am proud to say I cried. Not out of exhaustion or trauma, but because of the sheer joy and comfort I felt with the students and the indescribable support from every member of our team.

You are all rock-stars! (David Bowie style)

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