Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One Month 'till Madness!

With just over one month before the team departs, it was another early morning Sunday as we all made our way down to the lobby, coffee in hand, to discuss preparations for the trip. Before long, however, any lingering feelings of tiredness were dissolved by an energetic round of “Big Booty,” a fast-paced game that actually has nothing to do with butts of any size. By 9:45 the coffee cups were empty, Sabrina had beaten myself, Zack, in a competition of who could be the best vegetable (squash, to be specific), and it was time to get down to business.

After holding four bake sales over the past two weeks, the team ended with a profit of $750! And the fundraising has just begun. An update on the Indiegogo site showed that over $1500 had been raised online so far, with 21 days left to reach our goal. With Valentines Day in the near future, talk of carnations and candy gram sales gained everyone’s approval. With the help of a few designated coordinators, members of the Juilliard community and beyond will be able to buy flowers and cards for their special someone, while supporting our campaign to make a difference in New Orleans!

As exciting as this all was, our dear team advisor Sabrina let us in on a reality check: with time winding down, we were still nearly $14,000 short of our goal. In these final weeks before the trip, it will become increasingly important for everyone to raise as much money as possible. Without the proper funding, the beignets are on the line...

Another great development was made at our latest meeting: the mission statement was finalized! And it’s beautiful.

As daring young artists, the 2014 New Orleans Service Project team will nurture the New Orleans community by sharing ourselves and our art. Fueled by the collaborative spirit, we will encourage the growth of creativity, empowerment, and choice. We recognize and embrace the potential of this exchange to invigorate both the lives of those we encounter and our own.

Art Nurtures.

After the official t-shirt design had been approved, the wristband colors agreed on, and the program finalized for our performances down south, feelings of satisfaction and excitement washed over the team’s exhausted minds. With the trip quickly approaching, and no team meeting next week, everyone knew what needed to be done, and was determined to do it well.
-- Zach

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