Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

No better way to spend your Sunday morning than eagerly planning, organizing, laughing, singing and dancing with the Juilliard NOLA crew!  Kicking off the meeting with our tradition of playing icebreaker games, we had eggs with our "one word story." Not to mention crazily shaking our limbs just to make sure no one was still sleeping on the job!

The fundraising is well on its way with the raffle tickets, Indiegogo website, and benefit concert.  We will be selling raffle tickets Monday in the Juilliard Cafe and lobby from 12:30-2:30, Wednesday in the Juilliard lobby from 12:45-2:15, and Friday in the cafe from 12:30-2:30. Don't miss your opportunity to not only win BIG with these amazing prizes but also win big in the hearts of the New Orleans community.  As for Indiegogo, we are almost to our goal of $5,000 but we encourage to share, share, SHARE the page because we need to get that number as high as possible.

Our most recent fundraising endeavor will take place this Wednesday as NOLA team members light up the stage for our benefit concert.  It will take place at Omonia Cafe (which supplies the baked goods for the amazing Europan and other bakeries) which is located in Astoria. The cover fee will be a measly $5 and the proceeds will benefit yours truly.  Need a fun night out to make it through hump day and get through the week?  Come enjoy this wonderful performance loaded with singing, poetry, music and so much more!

Next on the agenda was the guest speaker and four year attendee of the NOLA trip, Mitch Lyon.  Mitch provided us with insightful wisdom on his experiences and what to expect.  We even split up into 4 musical groups which included Jasmine and the Boys, The Tator Tots, Tiffany and the Boppers, and. Through this team building exercise we got to experience first hand some of the difficulties such as uninterested kids, shy individuals, etc. that we could be faced with in New Orleans.

Last but not least, we divided into groups to work on our lesson plan templates for the trip.  How exciting it was to start brainstorming on what messages we wanted to send the children and the fun and educational activities we could use to engage them!  We are starting to organize our performance line up for the Trinity Church, NOCCA and Lusher and it is starting to shape up very nicely if I do say so myself.  We ended on a positive note with feelings of excitement, happiness, satisfaction and more while we danced and jammed out to our team song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."


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