Thursday, March 7, 2013

A few days behind...

So, we've been really busy so we're a few days behind in writing on the blog.  After our great day at NOCCA, a Juilliard and NOLA Team alum sent us this Youtube video she found. It's a NOCCA student speaking about the team's visit and inspiring to all of us. If you get a chance watch it all the way through.

Tuesday was our first day at Habitat for Humanity. Mike is our site supervisor again and we couldn't be happier. The house at 2320 S. Johnson Street had its frames up so the team literally "raised the roof" and installed all the roof trusses (see picture already posted).  Habitat is very hard work but very much worth it. We're helping build a home for a family. How awesome is that?!?! We embarked on the 2nd day with kids at the YMCA. Some downs but a lot more ups. We're looking forward to the kids' performance on Thursday. 

A highlight of the day was having a homemade dinner at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Shreves. They are New Orleanians that we got connected to who have supported this year. Mrs. Shreves also got some of her friends to help out the team and they were all instrumental in helping us make budget this year.  Mrs. Shreves has a beautiful home and it was sooooo nice to be a comfy and cozy home with an adorable dog named Katie and  homemade red beans and rice. Mrs Schrenk and Mrs. Guarisco also helped with dinner.  Dinner was delicious and the conversation warm and welcoming. They really showed us the true meaning of southern hospitality. They took in 23 strangers into their home without a thought. The team performed for them and some neighbors in the living room and on the patio, talk about an intimate performance!

We came back to a short team meeting and wonderful moment of heartfelt words and genuine emotion by one of the team members. Thank you for sharing Han.

As it says in one of the songs performed by the team,"...because I knew you, I have been changed for good." - from the musical Wicked.

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