Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bon jour, New Orleans!

We have arrived safely here in the Big Easy! After a bright and early start this morning at 7 am we all loaded into the super shuttle to catch our 10 am flight. We somehow managed to maneuver 23 suitcases and 23 people  into 2 vans. Instead of heading straight to the bunk house, we stopped for some beignets and a cafe au lait! We have our priorities straight. Once the team was rejuvenated from the all of the delicious sugar and caffeine, we made our way to the HONO house where we will be staying for the next week. We had a nice orientation with Peyton (not to be confused with our Paton!) where he made us feel welcome and gave us a nice lay of the land. The team then separated into 2 groups and traveled to Walmart and the grocery store to get the necessary items needed for the week. When we reunited at the house, cooking team one went to work on serving breakfast for dinner. It was a delicious meal that consisted of strawberry chocolate chip pancakes, hash browns, quiche, fruit salad and bacon. As the kitchen was being spotlessly cleaned, we were serenaded by Sabrina singing R&B with JJ, Leiland, and Said as her background dancers. Meanwhile, Enrique and Jacob did a fantastic job building a grill from scratch so that the team can have BBQ this week! Thanks guys! We then proceeded to have a team meeting to go over tomorrow's agenda followed by a group song rehearsal. After a few times practicing, we all got into the swing of things and the the team erupted into a beautiful sing-along. Finally, each division met to rehearse their respective pieces for the show tomorrow. The house is jitteriness with excitement and anticipation of the upcoming week! It's bed time! Until tomorrow....Au revoir!

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