Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 3 - Magazine Street & KCCA

Today, in a word, was magical!

We started the day in the kitchen cooking, singing, laughing, and grooving to different styles of music. Sebastian made these killin' cheesy eggs with spinach and peppers that were to die for. We prepared our lunches and snacks and departed the house for Magazine Street.

We started from the end of Magazine and walked down. Being the local, I made it a point to bring the team to District Doughnuts. I knew it would change people's lives. ;)

We stopped at Smoothie King (primarily to treat Sebastian's obsession for Smoothie King). Quite a few people got smoothies. Even though my favorite is Muscle Punch, I decided to save my appetite for District Doughnuts.

After getting impatient, a group of us leave for District, with the rest to follow. We arrive at a rather crowded District, but that didn't stop us from getting what we came for! A couple of people got sliders and others got doughnuts. I got a very delicious Cereal n Milk doughnut. I should've gotten 400 more (for myself). Long story short, everyone enjoyed their District Doughnuts experience.

After our Magazine Street excursion, we all went to KIPP Central City Academy to teach kids more about our art. We really had a moment when we performed the team song. It was that unnameable thing... And some kids came up and started singing and dancing...what a beautiful moment...

Then, we split up and taught in our respective areas. Actors taught kids interested in drama, dancers with dancers, and the musicians taught some band kids. A few Juilliard team members from all three areas taught kids from the Shalom Zone as well. It's always a good feeling when at the end of the day, you teach some kids that WANT to learn what you have for them. And I personally learned as well. I can't wait to go back tomorrow!

After a full day, we prepared our minds, hearts and stomachs for the New Orleans feast that my grandmother prepared for the team. I am so glad the team got the chance to experience the culture and love I grew up with. For anyone who is curious, we had baked mac and cheese, potato salad, salad, and gumbo and rice. Dessert was my grandma's famous bread pudding! Trust me, if I could capture the looks on the faces of my team members, I would post them right here in this blog.

After the meal, Michelle sang, Natsuko, Zack and Yaegy performed a piece, and the actors did a scene. They truly blessed the house. Our belts were loosened and our souls and bellies were filled.

Now we are back at the house, and there is always an energy among the team that keeps it alive. All I have to say is...WHAT a good team this is. :)

Jeffery Miller
BM Jazz Trombone '18
2nd year NOLA team member

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