Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 2 - Benefit Performance for Shalom Zone at Trinity Episcopal Church

Day two of our service project began with a nice and peaceful morning at the YRNO house. People used this time to catch up on sleep, wash up from all the traveling the day before, and eat a full breakfast to start their day. Some people also took this chance to take a nice run around town to City Park. Additionally, our time off in the morning allowed all of the members to start warming up for our performance at Trinity Episcopal Church, a benefit for the Shalom Zone Community, later that day. The YRNO house was filled with energy from the dancers working on their group dance, musicians working on their pieces, and actors rehearsing their lines. After a relaxing morning, everyone boarded the vans to head for the church.

Our concert at Trinity was not only amazing in terms of all the individual acts but also moving as a whole. We put together a program that was comprised of different types of performances not only from all the divisions of music, dance and drama but also a fusion of the three. Each act flowed perfectly into the next, as if the acts were supposed to be grouped in such a way. By the end of our concert, when we had all of our members on stage for the group song, we saw that our art and passion had reached the audience as they were dancing in their seats and singing along with us. Art matters.

Natsuko Takashima
BM Violin '18
2nd year NOLA team member

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