Sunday, January 17, 2016

An Introduction to the 2016 team!

For those who have never visited our blog before, welcome! My name is Jimmie "JJ" Jeter. I'm a fourth year actor and this is my fourth trip with the NOLA Project. I'll be leading the team this year alongside Jasminn Johnson and Angela Falk.

 Here you can expect weekly posts from various NOLA 2016 members, see posts from previous years, read general information about our project, learn about ways you can contribute to our fundraising efforts, and read updates we will post while we are on the trip!

Today was our first team meeting together, marking the beginning of our preparation to return to New Orleans from February 27th to March 5th, 2016!  I know I speak for everyone when I say we have a really amazing team put together, and I can't wait to begin to get to know these artists and share this amazing experience with them.

So without further ado, I am proud to be the first to present to you the 2016 Juilliard ARTreach New Orleans Service Project Team!


Angela Falk
3rd year Dance

Jasminn Johnson
4th year Drama

Jimmie "JJ" Jeter
4th year Drama


Daniel "Danny" Davila
2nd year Drama

Michelle Geffner
1st year Vocal Arts

Zach Hann
3rd year Music


Casey Hess 
3rd year Dance

Zoe Hollinshead 
1st year Dance

Sean Howe
3rd year Dance 

Sean Lammer
1st year Dance

Jayme Lawson
1st year Drama

Jeffery Miller 
2nd year Music (Jazz)

Keshav Moodliar
1st year Drama

Riley O'Flynn
3rd year Dance

Yaegy Park 
1st year Music

Victoria Pollack 
3rd year Drama

Natsuko Takashima 
2nd year Music

Isaiah Thompson 
1st year Music (Jazz)

Malik Williams
3rd year Dance 

Sebastian Zinca 
3rd year Music


Rebecca Reuter 
Community Engagement

Sabrina Tanbara
Student Affairs


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