Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Inhabiting the Habitat, Sprinkle of Education

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What an incredible day we have had! We started today bright and early, just as the sun was rising, to gobble some good food down and head over to the Habitat for Humanity site. All of the group members participated in helping out at the site with jobs from screwing in door knobs, painting the houses, sandpapering the steps, mortaring the structure, all the way to Beyonce back-up dancing and singing provided by yours truly. We worked on two blue houses. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product of these structures...and our coworkers are such sweet and informative people! It must be something in the jambalaya down here...

The sun was blazing at 80 degrees today, which was the best bonus to the Habitat site! During lunch we had a fight with the weather, which wanted to rain (and did give us some sprinkles); however, the iPhone weather report prevailed in saying that the sun was going to burn regardless of droplets! I didn't mind getting my skin burnt or painted on because the reward was all in the communal effort that was being put forward. It's so fulfilling to work as a team to build a house together, but I know the effort and love put forth now will pay off later for the families that get to live in these homes. No matter the part played in building this house, it was done with love. What more could you want?

As we finished up for the day at the Habitat site, it came to our attention that we were locked out of one of the vans! Sabrina!!! After her coming to the rescue and being the cunning, esteemed professional that she is, we got into our van and headed over to KIPP Central City Academy to give workshops in dance, drama, and music, and to students in the Shalom Zone. I was with a few of my dancing buddies, and we got to work with 15 young and passionate students! We played a lot of movement games, mimicked our names with our bodies, and discovered all sorts of ways to be creative and move in space.

These past few days have been the most gratifying. Being surrounded by people with the biggest hearts, in a courageous city, and all with the passion and love to strive and succeed is the most invigorating of all. Art invigorates!!! Definitely looking forward to more fun, food, and fulfillment in these next few days!

With gratitude and sincerity,

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