Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 1: Hello NOLA!

After an early start - 4 a.m. for our New York crew - everyone made it to New Orleans! Our first order of business involved fueling up on beignets and coffee at Morning Call. Then we took our sugared and caffeinated selves to the HandsOn New Orleans house where we were welcomed by fellow volunteers.

Today presented us with many opportunities to acknowledge the everyday luxuries in our own lives, like hot water, heat, and especially electricity. While attempting to heat our home we overwhelmed the circuit breaker and lost power. This "Day 1 Power Outage" during dinner inspired some creative cooking on the grill. Huge thanks to our team members who held up cell phone flashlights to keep an eye on our charcoal cooked meals! We really do have an incredibly generous team.

While driving through the city, we also witnessed the contrast between areas of the city that have rebounded beautifully, and neighborhoods that are still tremendously dilapidated. Observing this contrast up close makes us even more eager to serve New Orleans this week and eternally grateful to all those who have supported us in this endeavor.

Best get to bed now- we have a busy day building with Habitat for Humanity and teaching New Orleans students tomorrow!


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