Thursday, February 21, 2013

With just over a week left , our 2013 Team is really beginning to get excited about this years trip! Our Sunday meetings have been really productive and the team is really beginning to jive. There is nothing more exciting than budding friendships. Memories are in the making! 

We have all been working so hard putting on bake sales, selling raffle tickets and mailing fundraising letters to our friends and family. With 9 days (and counting!) left, we still have a lot of fundraising to do. It's time to really buckle down and raise the money we need to make this trip possible.  We can't build a house if we aren't  fueled with a good meal! If any team could make our goal, it's us! WE CAN DO IT! 

We have a great Raffle going on. Some of the prizes include: an unlimited metro-card, $50 dollars to whole foods, 4 free movie tickets and so much more! Tickets are a steal. 1 for $2 and 3 for $5. The more tickets you buy, the better chance you have at winning those free head shots from Harrison Linsey!

Look how great our wrist bands look this year! Art Inspires.

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