Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sultry Beginnings

A warm breeze wafts in from the veranda. A playwright bedecked in plastic beads whispers ideas across a long and colorful table. The strains of a cello playing a samba float gently in from the adjoining room. A dancer practices her tap routine on the hardwood kitchen floor, her feet still in socks. The air is heavy with humidity and exhaustion, excitement and creative energy. Students from all three of Juilliard’s divisions are at work simultaneously in a small but congenial home on Bank Street, eagerly preparing for a week of teaching and performing. Art school as it should be.

We have hardly rested in 36 hours. A provisional excursion to Wal-Mart was notable primarily for the surreal array of Pop Tarts swirling about our sleep-deprived heads. Reality was perceived dubiously as we witnessed our first Mardi Gras parade wind down Napoleon Street. Still, we somehow cooked dinner, rehearsed for tomorrow’s performance, and managed to all get in a shower in spite of the one fully-functioning bathroom.

I am looking forward to climbing into a bunk-bed for the first time since freshman year and beginning the adventure.

-Evan Fein

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