Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gate C87

...As we went through the door, the air filled our souls and released the stress of the unknown. New Orleans welcomed us with open arms. The sun shined and the rain started to come down. It was a sign that a cleansing was happening, that we were all here as a group doing something that means more than anything to us at this present time. I am at a time in my life where I should be auditioning for companies, I should be working on my self, I should, I should, I should... I am so tired of always thinking of my self. The world is so vast and the sole purpose of the arts is to share to the community. We need to remember that! I am so happy to be surrounded by people who are so talented, passionate, and artistic in the way that they only see pure happiness when they see someone smile. Our goal here is not to impose, its to share, to give all that we can, and to  empower the creative minds of the community and ourselves. Life is great as a young adult, an artist, one who is full of joy and compassion. I am looking forward to this week. The unknown is always great, you may think it is an edge of a cliff, but we never think it could be a soft bed, a place of comfort. 
I wanted to point out how 24 individuals have come together to seek a common goal. Its Amazing!
Jamal Rashann Callender


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  2. This is so beautiful! I feel incredibly lucky to be here with everyone.
    It's going to be a phenomenal week.

  3. You are all terrific for giving of yourselves to help others - and in so doing, you surely will be helping yourselves as well. We respect each of you for your commitment and wish all of you great success in touching, inspiring and improving the lives of others. Our love and best wishes, Bob (Christina's ... I mean Dylan's Dad).